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In today’s economy, transferring employees nationally or internationally has become a part of day-to-day business, yet the process of accomplishing these relocations seems to be an art and a science. I provide specialized Relocation Service, from the moment you contact us for information until the new employee and his family are comfortably settled into his/her new home. That means I guide our client through the relocation "red tape" - finding a home, finding school places, moving pets etc. I give comprehensive relocation information on medical facilities, shopping, entertainment, public transport, places of interest, clubs, and sport facilities. I provide a cross cultural briefing for a quick and smooth integration and provide results



International Relocation:

Doing business successfully in a global market requires a thorough appreciation and an extensive understanding of foreign cultures. Many global companies are offering their managers and executives international assignments which may extend over a number of years. In doing so, their main objective will always be to reach a maximum on-the-job effectiveness in minimum amount of time. This integration can be significantly affected by adaptation problems, felt by both the manager and his/ her family in the new environment. In extreme cases these insurmountable problems could lead to the failure of the assignment.


Angie Adams is offering Cross Cultural Orientation, Programs and Tours


Daniel Donahey

Offering training on how to negotiate with Germans, how to sell to Germans, how to present to Germans and German-American Cross-Cultural Training (team building), as well as a wide spectrum of training opportunities tailored exactly to your company's specific needs, Daniel Donahey can really help you reach your goals in German business.

Teaching Award for Excellency: Best Teacher of the Professional MBA Marketing & Sales, WU Executive Academy, Vienna University of Economics


We offer intercultural/cross-cultural Orientation are personalized and provide first hand knowledge of the crucial issues involved in crossing cultures, especially the transition from Germany to the USA. The programs assist your employees and their families to form realistic expectations of their new role and their new home. Country/culture specific programs help the transferee/families deal with the variety of emotions surrounding the cycle of re-adjustment or "culture shock" as one crosses from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Angie's experienced will familiarize the employees/families with the characteristics of the new culture by providing a background in everything from history to customs, traditions, communication etc. thus enabling them to function more effectively and comfortably in their new environment.


Angie Adams will help you to maximize the success of your ventures into foreign cultures. Talk to us, and allow us to take you through our comprehensive range of Relocation services. I offer programs to assist your employees and executives to make the most of a foreign assignment 



              How I will service you, the Client:

Overview Tour

Including housing and neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, and cultural facilities. I can provide to you a Customized Consultation Tour that includes a wealth of information and helpful tips suited to the individual and personal interests.

Inquire about hourly of daily Tour pricing

Information on the Charlotte area, schools, lifestyles, shopping, medical facilities, housing costs, finance, and tax information. You'll also get details on area churches and recreation   



I can arrange meetings with school officials, mortgage representatives, recreation directors, etc. Getting to know these individuals often play a vital role in your "comfort" with the community

Home Search Assistance                                   

I will assist and consult you, providing you with all the necessary information. After all this is the biggest decision in your life.

Rental Assistance                                                       

Many people feel more comfortable renting prior to purchasing a home. Rental Assistance provides guidance on locations, also see a sample: TR Lawing Rental Homes or Temporary Housing, Angie has access to Rental Listings on the the multiple listing service

Home Marketing Assistance                                            

A key factor in relocation is the successful sale of the existing home. We provide a tailored home marketing strategy covering such topics as pricing and improvements, managing the home, lending assistance, and closing details.

Financial Counseling

In conjunction with our mortgage experts we will provide you with consultations and information on mortgage costs and availability, monthly principal and interest payments, taxes, and insurance costs.

Spouse Career

Employment opportunities for the spouse is a great concern when relocating and often overlooked. The relocating spouse will be provided information pertaining to area consultations, professional placement agencies, information on community resources, and employment research from personnel professionals in both the private and public sector.


If moving to another City and/or State, Angie Adams can refer you to a competent and professional Realtor that is knowledgeable in that Area