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Things you should do when placing your home on the Market!

One of the questions I am asked after a client decides to place their property on the market is, “What should I do to get ready?”  The first thing to remember is that we all have different tastes.  So don’t make a lot of major changes that might suit you but not the new buyers.  A buyer will make changes according to their own decorating preferences.

The key is to keep things simple.  The less clutter the better.  If things seem crowded, think about storing items or use this opportunity to make a donation to your favorite charitable foundation. 

Do make minor repairs such as leaky faucets.  

The overall first impression is most important to a prospective buyer. Outside, landscaping can make a dramatic difference.  Often something as simple as flowers lining a front walkway can make a more inviting entrance.

DON’T go to any great expense. 

One of the aspects of my assistance is that I can provide you with a list of qualified people to assist you in readying your property for sale. I have an excellent team of painters, handymen, gardeners and cleaning service. Visit my website www.AngiesWeb.com to learn more!

Published Thursday, November 08, 2007 2:25 PM by Angie Adams NC/SC REALTOR® Broker


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