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Possible Aldi Store in Fort Mill

Aldi is making plans to move into the area of Highway 160 in Fort Mill between Interstate 77 and Gold Hill Road, and if they do, there may not be a warm welcome from neighbors. Waterstone residents think there will be too much traffic. Other York county leaders don’t agree and believe it will be a good commercial tax base.  Aldi in my opinion is not a threat to other grocery stores nearby, it has a unique brand that is very familiar to Europeans, and most of the merchandise is not carried by Harris Teeter or Lowes Food etc. It reminds me more at a Trader Joe’s, just not at the same level. Although I would rather see a Trader Joe’s nearby. By the way, one of the Aldi brothers German billionaire Theodore Albrecht owns Trader Joe's: read here Theo Albrecht - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

I agree with the York County council that there will be a lot less traffic, than having an apartment building with hundreds of residents living there.

If you have never been at Aldi’s, I encourage you to visit one (bring a shopping bag), and you very possibly will change your mind. It has good quality, healthy, and a unique variety of food. The veggies and fruit is mainly fresh. And the best of all, Aldi is very reasonable and they carry my favorite almond chocolate!

I appreciate your opinion!

Published Friday, January 04, 2008 4:08 PM by Angie Adams NC/SC REALTOR® Broker


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