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Lake Wylie, Tega Cay and Fort Mill Area Blog

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York County Water is stretched to the Limit!

Fort Mill roads are nearing or exceeding their design capacity, but what many residents may not know is that the county's water system here is also close to the breaking point.


York County engineers are in the process of studying various options to expand the county's existing water capacity to find the most efficient and cost effective avenue to sending more water to a growing population center.


Engineers looking at a pipe to connect directly to Rock Hill.That would free up some capacity for Fort Mill.


With a direct connection to Rock Hill, the county could bypass the Town of Fort Mill as a middle man, thereby handing the carrying capacity on the Fort Mill lines it currently buys back to the town for its own growing water needs. They need to work out a new bigger pipe. It needs to be twice its size, because it will affect the pressure in the line with everyone using it.

The drought-induced water restrictions adopted across the region last year have helped the county keep up with demand only because there has been less of it.

Last year, Tega Cay installed a new sewer line beneath the Catawba River that connects directly to Rock Hill's Sewer system, bypassing Fort Mill's system. Now, county engineers are looking into doing the same thing with a 30-inch water line. Another option had been to include a new sewer line on the Hwy. 21 Bridge when the S.C. Department of Transportation replaces it.


So far the county has only a rough cost estimate of more than $7 million for the line. There is enough money in the county's water and sewer system fund to cover the cost. Because the utility is run as an enterprise fund, it is supported through fees and payments. Tax money cannot be used on the system.


Over the next month, an engineering firm hired by the county will be studying the best place for the county to connect directly to the Rock Hill system. Once the study is complete, the county plans to call meetings with Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Tega Cay officials to discuss the options. Construction could begin by next spring.


But it's a race against the clock. People continue to flood into the township for quality schools, proximity to Charlotte and quality of life. There seems to be is a delay, often of a couple years, between the time officials recognize a need and getting new infrastructure installed.


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Published Monday, May 05, 2008 7:43 PM by Angie Adams NC/SC REALTOR® Broker


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